For K.I.S.A. the practice of weapons arms is complementary to the practice of Karatedo Shotokai.



BO (long stick)

The learning of arms begins with the BO, a 182 cm long wooden stick. The BO is considered the father of arms. The practice of BO in shotokai style is constituted by very large movements and the arm glides in the hands throughout its length. It is a very good physical exercise and training as the body is obliged to open and spread itself. Being a symmetrical practice, it makes coordination and shoulder articular nimbleness grow. The BO stimulates inner energy very much, making our body stong.


The principal KATAs practiced with the BO are:





YARI (japanese lance)


Japanese YARI is a very interesting arm. Its use is similar to the BO’s one. The performance of the movements is accompanied by a cutting, piercing or striking intent. We practice it in a fluent and ample mood, typical of the SHOTOKAI school.


Tha Kata practiced is:



TETSU BO (iron bar)

TETSU BO consists in an iron bar 120/130 cm. long and 5/6 kg. heavy. Normally, with it, we execute gym exercises and traditional BO techniques. It strengthens the musculature of the body, but it is better to avoid its excessive use to safeguard the shoulder, elbow and wrist articulations.



 OLISIs are a couple of (filippine) bamboo short sticks. They are light but stong. Their use needs high speed because their effectiveness is given by it. In OLISIs training, that can be practiced alone or with a partner, we also find immobilization techniques that gives completeness to their study.

 HAMBO - Short Stick


 HAMBO - a short stick 90 cm. long - is a very particular arm because its application contains dissuasion blows and, particularly, immobilization techniques through levers upon body’s articulations.

BOKUTO (wooden japanese sword)

BOKUTO - a wooden Japanese sword - is a wonderful arm that offers very interesting sensations. K.I.S.A. Iis codifying a series of KATAs which recreate fighting situations against one or several opponents. 

IAIDO - the Art of KATANA extraction

K.I.S.A., in the practice with BOKUTO, is approaching to the study of IAIDO practice, the Art of extracting the KATANA - the traditional and mythical japanese sword whose cutting effectiveness  is famous. In this practice, the contact we have with the arm is not the natural element of wood, but the sword’s steel. The sensations in the movement and the mastering of the arm, which has an important weight of its own and is used with both hands, are interesting. K.I.S.A. feels attracted by the study of side arms because it believes they can be of help in the understanding of KARATE-DO SHOTOKAI whose characteristics are the movement with the totality of the body and the effectiveness determining fluidity . Since some years we practice Iai-jutsu RYUSHIN SHOUCHI RYU of Soke Yahagi Kunikazu Sensei, world leader. We have chosen this style for it fluidity, for Irimi  and because it leaves a own interpretation. Our Karate-Do SHOTOKAI has some peculiarities we find in this sword school.

The Technical Director of K.I.S.A., Master Giorgio Vecchiet, involves Ryushin practice in all K.I.S.A.’s Dojos. Today Master Giorgio Vecchiet is the president of R.S.R.E. (Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Europe) with teacher grade  4th Dan - Renshi