About K.I.S.A.

On October 14th, 2005 in Trieste , some Karate-do Shotokai Black Belts met to constitute the Federation of Karate-do International Shotokai Association K.I.S.A. , during Seminary c/o Hombu-Dojo Suishin-kan, as per the will of  25 founders members.

To explain the origin of our Federation and Association K.I.S.A. – Karatedo International Shotokai Association I must go back for some years ago.

After death of SenseiTETSUJI MURAKAMI on 24th October 1987 – responsible in Europe of KARATE-DO SHOTOKAI , some old European pupils of Sensei,, between their also Shihan GIORGIO VECCHIET, need to group between they and form an international organisation of KARATE-DO SHOTOKAI,

So born in 1987 INTERNATIONAL KARATE-DO SHOTOKAI (I.K.D.S.),  in fact French association in majority with French clubs.

After some years join  Shihan GIORGIO VECCHIET, in that period permanent member of Technical Commission of IKDS, Master Safet Ganibegovic from Belgrado,  Master Claudio Bondi from Ravenna and Master Alberto Tanzi from Fontanellato (Parma).

The fundamentals of Technical Commission of IKDS was to persecute the teaching and the Way of MastersFunakoshi, Egami and Murakami in the collective context. The last years for Sensei Giorgio Vecchiet the Way of Sensei Murakami – was always more feeble. In July 2005, during the annual assembly of IKDS,  Shihan Giorgio Vecchiet, propose the creation of a SHIHAN-KAI, with him as supervisor for the first four years, to control the  fundamentals of teaching of Sensei Tetsuji Murakami. Consequently there is the creation of K.I.S.A. is reality with Shihan: Giorgio Vecchiet, Safet Ganibegovic, Claudio Bondi, Dario Lonza  and Master Alberto Tanzi and Stefan Holl  from Germany, and other individual members with, of course, all pupils of respective Masters.

The creation of  Shihan-kai and Kuro-obi-kai, that you discover after, give the certainty purpose to K.I.S.A., that is the teaching of KARATEDO SHOTOKAI as the Way of Sensei Tetsuji Murakami.

I’m honoured to be the president of  KISA, and with the board of director’s we will try to make biggest KISA with purpose to stand out that is the sincerely practice of KARATEDO SHOTOKAI.

I would like to thank al members of   Shihan-kai for all their availability given to KISA. I would like to thank also  Shihan Giorgio Vecchiet for his courage and energy to choice the New Way of K.I.S.A., leaving the old way where he has given many energy and love for many years.

Long Life to K.I.S.A.


The President - Patrizia Claut

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